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Can I be billed for surface water drainage based on property type rather than Rateable Value?

Surface water drainage

With effect from 1st April 1995, existing metered household customers have had the option to be charged for surface water drainage based upon the type of property rather than the Rateable Value. If you're billed for water and foul sewerage based on a metered supply then you can opt to pay for surface water drainage charges based on your property type if this is cheaper than the existing Rateable Value based charges.

All properties fall into one of our three banding's for this charge: Band 1 (Flat or Terraced), Band 2 (Semi-Detached) or Band 3 (Detached). If you are having difficulty comparing surface water charges based on Rateable Value and your property type please contact us for assistance.

Please note that if you're billed water and foul sewerage charges based on Rateable Value then your surface water charge must also be billed based on Rateable Value.