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Waste water services

We’re responsible for the complete waste water treatment cycle – from your home or workplace to river.

The demands of our modern lifestyles, the impact of climate change and the need to protect our environment and natural resources for future generations are creating a complex and demanding set of challenges for the waste water industry. We’re committed to meeting these challenges head on.

This includes the operation, maintenance and construction works of the sewerage network - 53,325 kilometres of sewer pipes and more than 1,000 sewage treatment works and pumping stations that stretch from the Bristol Channel to the Humber and from mid-Wales to the East Midlands.

From the instant you flush the toilet or pull the plug, Severn Trent Water looks after your used water.

Every day, we treat and test 2.5 billion litres of waste water, sent by our 8 million customers, to ensure it’s safe enough to return to the environment.

  • The vital controls needed to handle trade effluent are outlined -along with the consequences of failing to comply with these regulations.
  • Find out more about our tankered trade waste service, how to apply and where we operate.