We understand that your business may sometimes require an additional water supply outside of our normal supply arrangements. That’s why we offer a comprehensive standpipe hire service.
These freestanding pipes are fitted with a tap and can be attached to a hydrant to provide a water supply where there isn’t currently one available, for example a construction site.

Providing standpipes

To obtain water from the Severn Trent network you’ll need to hire a metered standpipe from our contract partners Aquam Water Services.

These standpipes are fitted with a double-check valve that prevents water entering the water mains. It’s because of these reasons only standpipes hired from Aquam Water Services are approved by Severn Trent.

Hired standpipes must only be connected to a hydrant shown on our Severn Trent Hydrant App

If you have any queries, please email or call 0844 984 0103.

How to hire a standpipe

Policing our network

Both Severn Trent and Aquam Water Services police the water network to uphold the high standards our customers expect.

Furthermore, it’s an offence under Section 174 of the Water Act 1991 to make any connection to the network without prior authorisation and agreement.

A fine of up to £1,000 for each infringement, together with the confiscation of any equipment used for this purpose, may be imposed in the event of non-compliance.