Events waste

Music festivals, country fairs, motorsport events. All great summer traditions, and all great producers of liquid waste. Every yearhundreds of these events take place across our region, which is why we work closely with event organisers and their contractors tohelp them handle their waste water challenges.

When dealing with liquid waste, it’s essential every safety precaution is takenand every regulation followed. That’s why managing waste from these eventstakes a great deal of organisation and control. We need to know well inadvance if your business is planning to provide such a service and intend touse Severn Trent facilities for liquid waste disposal. This is especiallyimportant if the liquid waste is going to be delivered outside normal workinghours.

So if you’re planning an event, please contact us and we’ll advise which site(or sites) would be the most appropriate. Please be aware that there is often acharge for operating the service outside normal working hours.