Ownership of private sewers

The ownership of private sewers and lateral drains (the ones that connect to the public sewer system) transferred to the ten statutory water and sewerage companies on 1 October 2011. How does this affect your business? By taking on this responsibility we were able to remove the burden of maintenance from you and adopt a more integrated approach to managing our sewage network.

Pumping stations transfer

Some business properties are connected to private pumping stations for the removal of their sewage, which then connect into our network. Following government legislation in July 2011, the ownership of many of these stations is transferring to Severn Trent in October 2016. Why the change? Primarily to address issues around the upkeep of private sewers and to improve sewage networks across the UK. Once we’ve finished collecting important information on each pumping station, we’ll be able to advise when it’s likely to be transferred, subject to meeting necessary qualifying criteria.

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