Open Water 2017

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                                  Specific update for non-household customers and properties in Wales  

On the 1 April 2017  the retail market opened allowing non-household customers to choose their water retailer – the company that provides their billing, metering and other customer service activities. This has opened up the market to competition in much the same way as the energy market operates today.

The Water Retail Market does not apply in Wales but due to the way that current regulation is arranged, there are some customers and properties in Wales that are subject to English regulation and some customers and properties in England that are subject to Welsh regulation.  The Wales Act 2017 will change this and mean that the Welsh government will set the policy for the whole of Wales and the UK government will set policy for the whole of England.

Severn Trent is committed to building a strong Welsh business.  So following our recent purchase of Dee Valley Water and the likely change in the law, we have decided to change the way we organise ourselves ahead of time.  Subject to regulatory approval, during the next twelve months we will begin to operate in Wales fully under Welsh government policy and in England fully under UK government policy.

What this means for Severn Trent customers in Wales?

All non-household retail services that were provided by Severn Trent migrated to Water Plus on 1 April 2017.  Water Plus is a joint venture established by Severn Trent and United Utilities to serve the new competitive water retail market in England and Scotland.  Water Plus will provide these water retail services to customers on our behalf.  

For a period of time non-household customers will be eligible to switch these services to another water retailer whilst we work to put the boundary changes into effect.  Once the boundary change is made they will become ineligible to participate in the market and all water retail services will move back to be served by the Severn Trent Group under Welsh policy. This will apply regardless of whether the customer chose to stay with Water Plus or switched to another water retailer.  

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