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Altering your property or supply

If you have altered your household or business premises (or are planning to do so), it is important that you let us know.

Doing so will help us to update our records and ensure that you are being billed correctly.

We consider a substantial alteration to include any of the following: -

  • One property being split to form two or more separate properties (you will require a new connection).
  • Two or more properties being merged to form one single property.
  • A material change in property usage, i.e. a household becoming commercial premises or vice versa.
  • Work that either increases or decreases the size of your business premises and planning permission required.
  • Work that either increases or decreases the size of your household and planning permission required.
  • The demolition of a property.

If any of the above applies to you (and you do not require a new connection and separate billable account), complete our simple online form or call us on 03457 500 500 so we can make the changes to your existing account.

Will you need new supplies?

If you are planning on splitting a property into two or more separate premises you may need to consider how they will be supplied with water.

If this is the case, please contact our New Connections team.

Please note that there may be costs associated with installing a new supply and failing to do so could lead to problems, including a lack of pressure.

Please do not submit this form if any of the following applies: -

  • Mixed properties (eg. shop and flat) where access to the property above is internal only. This is because we class this as one property and as such any issues around supply of water are a private issue that we will not become involved in.
  • Redecoration/refurbishment only.

Other information you may need...

ST tick Request a sewer/water map
ST tick Building over or close to sewers
ST tick Connecting to the sewer or water network
ST tick Disconnect or reconnect your supply