Building and Developing

Before you apply

There are some key things you need to know before you’re ready to apply for a new connection. Once you have considered all of these you are all set to send us your application.

We do have a list of approved plumbers. If you use a watermark plumber to install your service pipe and your internal plumbing we may not need to come out and inspect the work before we complete the connection. (We will carry out audit checks on a random selection of these jobs).

If you're building flats or apartments, these can be served via individual service pipe (25mm/32mm) connections off the STW water main, or a large diameter water connection off the STW water main which you then split internally.

  • Individual service pipe (25mm/32mm) connections off the STW water main 
    Separate water service pipes will need to be installed and separate connections made off the STW water main. If you want to continue via this route, you’ll need to install separate service pipes, which will need to be individually ducted and insulated. The service pipes should be laid to the site highway boundary and clearly marked up to confirm which flat/apartment they serve. The meters will then be installed in external boundary boxes by STW when we complete the water connections.
  • A single large diameter water connection off the STW water main 
    If all the flats/apartments are accessed via a communal entrance, you could consider a single large diameter water connection (LDC). This means you’ll install a single large diameter water pipe to the site highway boundary. This pipe will need to be brought into the building and split internally by yourselves. Internal meters will also need to be installed by yourself or your plumber (STW will provide the meters when the quote has been accepted and paid for). The pipework and meters should be installed in an area that each flat occupier has access to. You’ll also need to pressure test and chlorinate this pipework, further information on this will be provided when we visit site and with the quotation.    

If not, and you would like to know the position of the nearest main you can request a copy of our maps.

We will need you to supply a plan showing where you are hoping to lay the new service pipe to. If you do not know the exact position of our existing water main please show an indicative route and this can be discussed with you before we prepare our quote.

If there are, and your flats will affect the assets, you may need to apply to have these diverted. You can get more information.

If you are unsure you can request a copy of our maps.

If you need to cross any land owned by a third party to install your new service pipe you're responsible for arranging this.

If the existing water main is within private land we will arrange this with the land owner, this will be discussed during the site visit.

If the site has previously been used for anything other than Greenfield land (undeveloped land in a city or rural area either used for agriculture, landscape design, or left to evolve naturally) we ask that you submit a soil report (also known as ground investigation report) with your application which our labs will check.

If you cannot submit a soil report we will ask you to use protective pipe work instead of MDPE to ensure your new water supply and our network does not become contaminated. 

If you know of any previous water supplies to the site and can provide us the details you may be able to reduce the cost of the infrastructure charges. 

More information on soil reports and infrastructure charges can be found in our FAQs.

Our quotes are valid for 6 months. If you don’t think you’ll be ready for your connection in that time then now isn’t the right time to apply.

If you are now ready to apply, please return to our step-by-step process that will explain how to prepare and send an application to us.