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How to replace an existing supply

All you need to know about replacing existing water supply or sewer connection pipework.

Replacing water pipes

If you want to replace your water pipes, you are responsible for installing the private pipework.

You will need to lay a new 25mm pipe, leading from the home to the property boundary.

We will connect that private pipework to the same water main as the existing supply, using a 25mm pipe.

You can apply to the lead replacement scheme to arrange a replacement of existing lead pipes.

You can apply to the shared supply separation scheme if you want to leave a shared supply.


If you need more information, please take a look at Our Customer Guide To Replacing Lead Pipes.

Compulsory applications for replacement sewer connections

You must apply for a replacement sewer connection if you are:

  • making changes to our existing sewer connection
  • changing sewer flows
  • using an existing connection.

You can't connect to a public sewer without our approval.

Replacing a connection to our sewer network

Replacing a sewer connection is a six stage process.

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