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Can I have a combined foul and surface water connection?


We will only accept surface water (rain water) into a public sewer if there are no alternative options. If there are both foul and surface water sewer in the vicinity which can be used then you must make 2 separate connections. You're responsible for providing supporting evidence that there are no alternatives when applying for a combined connection.

The most common option for surface water drainage is a soakaway. If this is not feasible please provide us with evidence that this is the case. This needs to be either:   

  • An extract from the ground investigation report
  • Results from a percolation test
  • An email/letter from building control

The only exception is if you're connecting to a Victorian combined sewer (shown in Red on our records). In this case we do ask that you keep the flows separate up to the point it leaves the boundary of your property and then goes into a combined manhole so there is only one length of combined sewer. If the sewers are replaced by separate foul and surface water sewers in future this will ensure the flows are kept separate.

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