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Our plans for 2020
Find out more about our future plans to make sure we can keep giving you the highest quality water we can.

Quality water

There's a lot for us to do to make sure rain water becomes clean, safe drinking water.  As our customer you can be confident that your drinking water is amongst the best in Europe. 

To keep your water good to drink however, we need to continually improve our water treatment and keep our rivers, reservoirs and underground water free from pollution and our pipes and water mains clean. 

What are we planning to do by 2020?

We'll keep providing you with water that is of the highest standard.

We need to keep working with farmers and others to help reduce the amount of pesticides and other pollutants which can enter where we take untreated water from. You'll benefit as this will avoid the need for expensive water treatment.

We'll invest to improve and maintain our highest priority water treatment processes, as well as refurbish or rebuild our highest priority service reservoirs.

Over time, iron and other deposits can build up in water mains. These deposits are harmless, but can cause water to be discoloured. By proactively cleaning our water pipes we want to reduce the number of customers who experience discoloured water by 2020.

Your water quality

If you'd like to know more detail about the water quality or hardness in your area, you can use our water quality postcode search.

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