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Catchment Management

We're really keen to work with farmers and land managers to reduce risks to drinking water.

What is Catchment Management?

Catchment management is the concept of managing the water environment as a whole in a particular catchment region, taking into account the needs of all stakeholders that access that water resource. For water companies it represents an alternative to conventional, capital-intensive treatment solutions by focusing instead on working with land owners and other stakeholders to tackle problems at source, rather than just treat the symptoms.


As part of our £21 million plan for the next 5 years (2015 – 2020), the STW catchment team run a number of schemes for farmers:

  • Severn Trent Environmental Protection Scheme (STEPS) - farmer grants of up to £5000 per farm for infrastructure investments and land management changes to protect or improve drinking water quality. Farmers as Producers of Clean Water (FaPCW) - support to help manage levels of metaldehyde in drinking water. Metaldehyde is the active ingredient found in most slug pellets and is difficult to remove from drinking water.
  • Pesticide training and amnesty
  • Specialised advice visits Slug pelletor and fertiliser spreader calibration
  • Farm to Tap - focusing on managing pesticides and the other impacts of diffuse water pollution that comes from farms, and other land users.
Contact your local agricultural advisor below to find out more
Email Advisor Counties Covered    Surface water catchments
 Groundwater catchments     Phone number
Margaret Baile Derbyshire Upper (PDF) and Lower Derwent (PDF) N/A 07789903652
Louise Richmond Leicestershire Cropston (PDF), Staunton Harold (PDF) N/A 07713333192
Una McBride North Warwickshire Whitacre, Bourne and Blythe (PDF) Haseley Springs (PDF) 07811847161
Geoff Jordan South Warwickshire/ Northamptonshire Avon (PDF) and Leam (PDF) N/A
Adrian Rochford Staffordshire   Tittesworth (PDF)
Highgate & Poolend (PDF)  and Wallmyres (PDF)
Ben Young Shropshire (North of Shrewsbury) Shropshire Middle Severn (PDF)
Stoke-on-Tern (PDF), Rodway (PDF), Swynneton (PDF)
Cindy Joule Shropshire (Cound) Cound (PDF) N/A
Adam Harper Shropshire (Shrewsbury to Bewdley) Middle Severn (PDF) Oakeley Farm (PDF), Ruyton (PDF)
Emma Abbott Shropshire / Worcestershire (Ludlow to Worcester) Teme (PDF) N/A 07909000680
Phil Billings Nottinghamshire Boreholes
N/A Boughton, Bestwood, Rufford, Amen Corner, Budby & Budby Forest, Clipstone, Clipstone Forest (PDF)
Susan Bamber Worcestershire/Gloucestershire Worcestershire Severn (PDF)
Ketford (PDF), Brockhill (PDF)
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