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Water usage

It’s easy to forget how much water we use. Every glass of squash. Every toilet flush. Every dishwasher load. It all adds up. That’s why we’ve put together a set of handy online audits for use at home and in school. With just a few clicks and taps you’ll discover how to reduce your water use and help combat climate change.

Calculate your home’s water footprint

Using less water at home will help you cut down your energy bills and reduce your water footprint. What’s more, switching to a water meter could save you as much as £200 a year on your water bill. If you’re not sure how much water you use, why not use our water calculator and see how much water you could potentially save.

Calculate your school’s water footprint

Just imagine how many times a toilet is flushed on an average school day. Then of course there’s the changing room showers, the dirty school dinner trays, the drinking fountains. That’s why we’ve created our school water audit,which turns calculating your school’s water use into a fun and engaging activity. Simply download our data collection sheets and fill in all the information, then start the online audit.  

Become a ‘Water Reporter’

Water Reporters make sure everyone in your school understands how to save water and use waste water systems correctly. They also encourage pupils and staff to share good practice away from the classroom. To get involved, simply book a visit from one of our education team who’ll arrange to visit your school and create an action plan for your team to follow. Not only is the scheme a great way to reduce school costs, it’s also part of the Eco-Schools framework.

The Promise is another fun activity we’ve developed to help children adopt great water habits.

Based around an interactive sticker chart, you can get your school or community group involved by arranging a workshop or visit. There’s also a reward to give out upon completion.