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What is the water cycle?


Heat energy from the sun causes water to turn into water vapour (evaporate) into the atmosphere from sea, lakes and the soil.

condensation in the air


Air currents containing the water vapour rises over higher ground, taking it into cooler regions of our atmosphere. The cooler temperature causes the condensation of water vapour to form clouds.

A sunset over water


Air currents cause clouds to move around the Earth and across sea and land. As the clouds cool, precipitation occurs as snow, sleet, hail or rain. This returns water into the Earth’s oceans, seas, lakes and rivers.

a person in the rain with a hood up

Water collection 

We collect water from streams, rivers, lakes and groundwater sources including aquifers, boreholes and wells. This is stored in small quantities for personal use or in reservoirs ready for distribution and treatment.

water with a building in the middle

Water treatment

The collected water is treated by us at our water treatment works. Once cleaned and tested, the clean water is distributed via pipes to homes, businesses and industry. All of our wonderful water is tested by the Environment Agency and Drinking Water Inspectorate for quality.

sewage treatment factory

Sewage treatment 

Dirty and used water from your home, as well as from local businesses and industries is sent back to us through our network of sewers and drains. Our job is to clean it at the sewage treatment works. Clean water from the sewage treatment works is then returned to streams and rivers.

sewage treatment factory