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What is climate change?

Increasingly we’re experiencing frequent periods of very wet weather as well as extended dry spells. Climate change is how we describe these large-scale and long-term changes in the planet’s weather and temperatures. This ever-changing weather has a great impact on us as a water company and it’s important we plan for the future to avoid more flooding and hosepipe bans.

snowy mountains

How can we all help?

In total, the water industry creates 1% of the UK’s carbon emissions. That’s why we’re always exploring new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and increase our energy efficiency – and we need your help. If we all waste less water we can reduce the amount of energy needed to clean and treat it. And if we avoid flushing items such as fat, wipes and cotton buds into our sewers we’ll have to unblock them less, which again will help save energy.

To see all the plans we have in place for tackling climate change, visit our Environment page. You can also download our free climate change poster to learn all about poo power.