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Single property water connections

Here you will find all of the information you need to make a request to connect a new property to the water supply.

The application details below can be used for a small number of new properties which do not require a new water main to be provided. This includes standard size connections (of up to 32mm diameter) to household and non-household properties and large diameter connections to single or multiple occupancy premises.

For non-household connections with a water demand in excess of one litre per second, you will require a large diameter connection. If you require this amount of water please complete a large diameter application form.

Application details

Below are all of the application forms and guidance notes you should need to complete your application for a single property water connection.

If you have any issues during your application please do get in touch.

Our charges

New connections charges 2014/15

Pre-application reading

Shared supply or lead water pipe replacements guidance notes

Domestic and residential fire sprinklers design policy and guidance

Application forms

Application for new standard water supply connection (25mm and 32mm)
Application for a large diameter connection of 50mm and above
Application for the (free) replacement of a Shared supply or lead water pipe