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Single property sewer connections

 How to get a connection to the Severn Trent sewerage network.

If you want to connect new or existing properties to the Severn Trent Water public sewerage network, for both foul and surface water (rainwater), you will need to apply for a Section 106 sewer connection.

The connection can be made by a competent and qualified contractor chosen by you. Severn Trent Water must then inspect the connection. We no longer offer a service to connect your property to the public sewer.

Application details

Below are all of the application forms and guidance notes you should need to complete your application for a single property sewerage connection. If you have any issues during your application please get in touch.

Our charges

 New connections charges 2014/15   

Pre-application reading

Sewerage supply connections guidance notes

Application form

Application for connection to a public sewer