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Self lay option

Water mains

As an alternative to having new mains and service connections installed by  us, developers can arrange for the work to be done by qualified contractors (self-lay or self construction).

With self construction, the developer appoints an installer who must be accredited under Lloyds Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) as being competent to install mains and/or services to meet with the requirements of our scheme.
The work needs to meet the WRc Code of Practice for Self-Laying Water Mains and Services. If you are developing a site which needs new water mains and you wish to take up our self-lay option we recommend that you read through our self-lay policy and the addendum before making an application.

For further information on this policy or any other self-lay issues please contact us on 0800 707 6600.

DownloadDownload the application form


Before you construct a new sewer, you can arrange an agreement for us to adopt the new sewers on the satisfactory completion of the sewer. To request this you will need to apply for a Section 104 sewer adoption.

For further information call us on 0800 707 6600 or email us.

Once the sewer is adopted it becomes part of the Severn Trent Water public sewerage network and will be maintained by us.