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New developments sewer connections

If you are developing a multiple property site which needs a sewer connection, there are a number of things to consider. The information below will take you through what you need to do.

Sewer connection

The process to connect a new development site to the Severn Trent Water public sewerage work is the same as for a single property. You will need to apply for a Section 106 sewer connection.

Requisition of a sewer/lateral drain

If you have a site with no drainage to an existing public sewer we will provide a foul and/or surface water sewer to serve the site (if only one dwelling we will provide a lateral drain). You will need to contribute towards the costs of the new sewer/lateral drain. The amount will depend on the sewer cost, the number of dwellings served by the sewer and how quickly the dwellings become occupied. (If only one dwelling the amount is based on a chargeable basis.)

Sewer Diversion

Under S185 of the Water Industry Act 1991, any person with an interest in land, or in adjacent land, may ask Severn Trent Water to alter or divert sewers from private land to allow development of that land.

Severn Trent Water will agree to the diversion as long as the request is reasonable. The timing of the diversion work may be affected by Severn Trent Water's statutory obligations. Severn Trent Water can recover all of its reasonable costs incurred in relation to diversion works.

Please read the guide in the pre-application section below for further, more detailed, information.

Application details:

Below are all of the application forms and guidance notes you should need to complete your application for multiple property sewerage connections. If you have any issues during your application please do get in touch.

Our charges

 New connections charges 2014/15 

Pre-application reading

 Sewer diversions guidance notes
 Guidance notes for providing a public sewer or lateral drain
 Guidance notes for developers - adoption of sewers. section 104 of the Water Act 1991
 Sewers adoption - Pumping stations
 Sewerage supply connections guidance notes
Guidance for working near our assets

Application forms

   Application for the diversion of a Severn Trent Water sewerage asset
 Application for connection to a public sewer
 Adoption of Sewers Application
 Sewer requisition/lateral drain application form
 Development enquiry request form